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Melissa Reese


I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Math Education at North Georgia College and State University in May of 2009. Then I started my teaching career and taught high school for 9 straight years before taking some time off to have 2 little boys back to back, now ages 4 and 5. I finally went back to complete my 10th year and now am looking to teach online as my boys transition to an elementary school this year. 

Upon having 10 years of high school teaching experience, I have worked with at risk students, lower achieving students, on level and honors students, and students with all sorts of disabilities. I have taught all grade levels of 9-12, but many of my students throughout the years were on a middle school level with their math abilities. Teaching and mastering math basics is key to having a good strong foundation in higher level mathematics. I have taught all math classes except Calculus, AP Stats, or Discrete Math. My favorites are Algebra and Geometry.I love technology and now am a Google Level 1 Certified Educator. I hope to become a Google Level 2 Certified educator in the near future as well. In what little spare time I do have raising 2 small boys, I love getting outside and playing in our woods with them, biking and doing pilates and yoga when I can. Before kids, my husband and I used to do long distance running as well. Maybe I'll get back to that when the boys get in school and I have a little more free time.

Melissa Reese
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