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Valerie Free

World History

A  professional educator who is also a lifelong learner.  I provide quality curriculum and instruction that prepares my students to succeed at the universities or in the workforce.  Certified to teach for over 30 years, I have taught for nonprofits, business, private schools, public schools and now at the college level.

 I have a strong work ethic and data driven in assessing my student.   In other words, I am motivated by curiosity, knowledge, data and innovation for and with my students.  My strength is to think outside the box in presenting knowledge to my students.  Being a student-centered teacher, I also provided academic support services that will help a student respond to their personal, social, and career planning needs.  I love to collaborate and teach all types of students.  This passion of commitment has served my student well.  No matter what type of student, I will try to help someone who is trying to better themselves for a job or their collegiate endeavor.

Valerie Free
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