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Queenette Adaobi Okwaraji

Poetry, Writing, Reading, Math, Basic and Languages, Igbo

I am Queenette Adaobi Okwaraji, I am a Mentor, teacher and academician. I started my teaching profession after my high school and continued after earning my BA in Linguistics from Imo State University, Nigeria. Completing my MA in linguistics from the University of Rochester I worked as a Community Support Supervisor mentoring children with special needs in different college classes. I entered the teaching/mentoring profession to explore my passion for helping people, including people with disabilities, to help empower students to become autonomous learners and agents of their own change, to help students identify their unique potentials and work towards achieving them. During my associates in Borough of Manhattan Community, I was added to the Deans list because of my academic excellence. I was also promoted from Community Support Professional to Assistant Transition Developer while at AHRC because of my dedication and commitment to my job.

I have had the opportunity to work with different levels and also individual with special needs which equipped me with so much important skills required of a good tutor including:

Good communication skillPatienceGood interactive teaching techniqueAdaptability and flexibilityGood Listening Skills.

Queenette Adaobi Okwaraji
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