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Mohammed Shafin Arshad

Languages, Bengali and Hindi

Hello, I am Mohammed Shafin Arshad. I come from Bangladesh and I've been a freelance tutor for 4  years now. My students range from underprivileged children who can't afford a quality tutor, to university-going students who require tutoring for their subjects. My traditions and my religion place teaching as a very benevolent profession hence I've always tried to give my all to teaching my students and carving out their best forms.

Having an Indian Mom and a Bangladeshi Dad, allowed me to be bilingual from a very early age. I'm a native speaker of both Hindi and Bengali. Coming from a country that has fought for its language, the languages I know have always been a matter of pride for me. I would sincerely love to instill this pride in my students as well. Through my classes, I can assure you that students can easily grasp these languages as well as have a sense of respect for their own mother tongues as well. Learning new languages is always a blessing that helps your child to interact with diverse cultures. I'd love to be a part of their journey to uncharted lands! Let the fun of languages begin

Mohammed Shafin Arshad
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