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Katie Kalyoncuoglu

Cooking, English, Preschool

Hi  I’m Teacher Katie. I’m a native Oregonian and I love teaching. I believe education should be fun and  exciting. I enjoy working with students of all ages. I teach preschool, kindergarten readiness, personal chef training, professional nanny training, English composition, and special education classes. I can also do college prep, study skills, classes, and career training.  I can also teach someone how to run a home business and be a social media influencer. i’ve lead large business teams  of over 3000 people. I enjoy teaching young adults and adults how to get into colleges, how to apply for financial aid, scholarships, college success and more.


I like to do inspiring classes that meet the specific needs of each student at their level. It brings me joy to help children and adults learn new skills. I love helping each of my students to feel confident about themselves and their education. currently, there is a shortage of preschool teachers. In some states, children are not able to get into preschools because they’re full. For that reason, I do online preschool and pre-K to help children learn the skills that they need to learn before entering kindergarten.

There are a lot of great teachers in my family. I’m an early intervention specialist/teacher with a dual masters degree from PSU. I’ve worked with infants through college age for typically developing and special needs students and children. I'm also a personal chef, professional artist, business professional and professional nanny. 

I specialize in preschool for children with typical development and special needs children. speech pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic testing and more. in school districts and private schools.  I have experience writing, tutoring, grading papers, college prep and college success skills,. I embrace a non-biased, multicultural classroom. I believe that every child or student has something special to contribute to the classroom and the world. I embrace the curriculum of  Reggio, Piaget, RIE and play based and creative learning. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Katie Kalyoncuoglu
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