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Houssein Salloum

Caring, enthusiastic educator with a strong commitment to student development and the learning experience.

Experienced Educator Turning Front-End Developer | Passionate about Enhancing Learning Experiences with Technology

Skilled in Effective Communication | Goal-Setting | Achieving Results

Are you looking for a dynamic professional who combines a proven track record in education with a newfound expertise in front-end development? Look no further!

With a deep commitment to student development and a passion for leveraging technology, I'm on a mission to revolutionize the way we learn and interact online.

Proficient in front-end coding, I specialize in creating captivating and interactive learning experiences that captivate students and foster engagement.

As a lifelong learner, I thrive on embracing teachable moments and continually seeking opportunities for growth. I'm eager to blend my extensive teaching background with innovative web development techniques to create a better and more immersive educational world.

Houssein Salloum
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