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Fraser Rose

Mental Emotional Health

Fraser has a master's degree in education and is certified by the Ministry of Education

of Ontario as a guidance specialist, a school principal, and a supervisory officer. 

Fraser served as the supervising principal of schools on the Canadian Forces at Trenton,

Ontario while employed by the Dept. of National Defense for many years.  During that

time, he was elected four times as a trustee on The Hastings County Board of Education,

and was elected Chairman of that Board for two terms of office. He also created a course

on Stress Management (Positive Personal Power) which he taught at Loyalist College.


For the past 22 years, Fraser has been principal of a private high school in Toronto.  During

that time he received training from the Co-active Coaching Institute as a life coach, but

has recently specialized as a Emotional Fitness coach to help both teenagers and adults strengthen one (or more) of four keys to empower mental and emotional excellence.

1 - I Love Who I Am:  I like being me (flaws and all). My self-esteem feeds self-kindness. 

2 - I Love Win-Win Relationships.  By being kind to others I make win-wins possible.

3 - I Love My Power of Choice to choose my thoughts, my actions, and my reactions.

4 - I Love My Mind, My Body Connection:  It allows me to energize each with the other.

As a professional speaker on Managing Your Emotions, Fraser has presented seminars

to business audiences in 16 cities across the country.  He also taught a course on Stress Management to members of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation.


Fraser and his wife, Brenda, have three grown sons, and six grandchildren. 

Fraser Rose is a runner.  After his last 10K road race, he was awarded first place in the

senior women's division.  (Officials had mistakenly entered his name as Rose Fraser.) 

After their error was discovered, they awarded him second place in the senior men's

division.  Fraser really shouldn't boast about that, however, as there were only 2 men in it.

​Fraser's hobby is magic.  He's no Houdini but he does claim to be so skilled that he can

mystify every kid under twelve on his block, and almost half the teenagers.

Fraser's present project is to grow Emotional Excellence Inc. as a way for both adults and

teenagers to increase their happiness.

Fraser Rose
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