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April Ward

French Spanish Writing

Hello my name is April Ward and I have been teaching children from PreK 3 to 8th grade, since 2014. I started out tutoring and that was when I fell in love with teaching  and I decided that I wanted to be a  teacher. 


I love to teaching  children because they are so eager to learn about the world around them. I love seeing children learn, I believe that the greatest joy of teaching is when you see your students demonstrate what they have learned from you. When you see their face light up when they understand a certain grammatical concept and they are able to implement that concept into their everyday life it just makes my heart leap. 


Also teaching children is just great fun. I always say that what better job can a person have, I mean you get to sing, dance, read storybooks, laugh and experience the joy of learning everyday. One of the most important aspects for me is that I have learned is that when my students and I have fun everybody forgets that we are actually learning a concept and then it turns into something that comes more easily and naturally, I love making connections with my students and not being afraid to be spontaneous and not being afraid to simply be in the moment with my students experiencing the joy of learning and that’s why I love teaching. 

April Ward
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