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Andrea Lihumi

ESL, grammar, reading

I am an English teacher who has a passion for languages. Having come from a background in Hospitality management, my love for languages steered me into teaching. I have worked in the adult education sector for over 6 years, specializing in ESL, grammar, reading and conversation.

My teaching style includes a lot of talking so brace yourself.  I believe in the style of “If you can speak it, then you can write” My goal for my students is that they should be able to confidently use what they learn in class with accuracy and fluency.

I am passionate about sewing and craft making, so once in a while we could draw or make something to help us in class. One day, I hope to have visited 21 cities across the world, so far I have been to 4. You are welcome to join my class and we could talk about what you love about English

Andrea Lihumi
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