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Alex Perez

Coding for Everyone! (Scratch), CADiverse (3D Design with Tinkercad), Sketching The World! (Sketching)

I'm Axel Perez, Mexican Industrial Designer, STEAM - Maker Education developer, teacher and enthusiast. For me it is enriching and refreshing working, giving and sharing with others to make a positive impact on their lives. I believe that empathy is the best tool to solve problems and to grow grouply and individually and diversity is one of the most beautiful virtues of humanity.

I have world wide experience in Innovative Education focused on STEAM education and Maker Movement, I'm an actor for hobbie, I love to ride my bike,  restore cars, do my own cosplay costumes, and I enjoy meeting and learning from new people.

Would you like to learn how to code, design videogames and board games, characters, do pixel art, 3D Design, 3D Printing, storytelling, hands-on projects, art, graphic design, and build amazing projects with your own creativity? You're in the right place! I'd love to help!

Alex Perez
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