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Acquah Ebenezer Kojo

Chemistry, Math Classes, Language Fante (Ghana), The African-Life (Ghanaian perspective)

Hi, my name is Ebenezer Kojo Acquah. I am a Freelance Tutor, both offline and offline. I have a Bachelor degree in Chemistry from University of Ghana, and a Masters degree in Energy Science and Engineering with expertise in polymer synthesis and applications from Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology located in South Korea. I am very much interested in tutoring students from middle school level up to College level. I have much experience with tutoring college students and high schoolers. My inclination is with Chemistry, Maths and physics. 

My journey as a tutor started as a community service after completing high school. I gathered middle school and high school students who comes from low income and poverty stricken backgrounds in Ghana to teach them for free. I continued tutoring during my College days where I helped out colleagues with academic difficulties to be able to obtain good grades. I then taught Chemistry after College at both high school and college level. I also have experience with SAT Maths and Chemistry tutoring and other college preparatory exams. I have worked for 15 years as a tutor. I have also had the privilege to tutor polymer chemistry to Korean Students. 

I am very passionate about tutoring and helping students understand concepts from diverse points of views and opinions. My major tool is to use various material examples to bridge the abstract nature if Chemistry and Maths for a better understanding. My philosophy is to assess a monkey by tree climbing, and to assess a fish with water swimming so that everyone doesn’t get left out. 

I look forward to having a thrilling engagement with every student. 

Kind regards 

Ebenezer Kojo Acquah ( Bsc. Chemistry, Msc Energy Science and Engineering) 

Acquah Ebenezer Kojo
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