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Alex Monyi

Business, Computer Science, Math Basic, Music Theory, Math Physics, Music Theory, Science, Swahili

Hallo, my name is Alex Monyi I have been engaging and training learners, in person and online. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Maseno University in Computer Science with a bias toward Software Development. I have taught students from grade 2 all the way to grade 12. I also have considerable experience in tutoring college and university level students.


My journey into teaching has been as a result of passion and intentional hard work. I started out as a systems engineer before venturing into Web Systems Development. My teaching stint began with grade 10 students teaching mainly business, physics and computer studies. I eventually graduated into teaching grade 12 students Computer Science and Physics. 3 Years back I did venture into the online space as a coding and digital creativity instructor in one of the leading Global online teaching platforms. Here I taught youngsters how to code using Python and JavaScript, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create Web Applications. I also engaged the students in game development using Scratch and Roblox. I currently Tutor as a Freelance Computer Science Tutor. I am so passionate about sharing knowledge technology while drawing examples from our daily lives occurrences. This helps the students to have a broader view when acquiring knowledge and hopefully come up with solutions that can make their day to day lives better. have a passion for helping all learners reach their potential and love to challenge students to be curious and take chances when learning. I strive to invest in building healthy relations with students which in turn creates trust and openness in class situations and even beyond. Every one of us is uniquely gifted and with the right kind of knowledge and encouragement we can be all what we were meant to be.


I Look forward to having constructive engagement in this amazing journey of self-discovery and enlightenment


Warmest Regards,


Alex Monyi [Bsc. Computer Science and Technology]

Alex Monyi
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