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I am a graduate of Chemistry and Mathematical studies, in the top 1% of my class with a 4.39 cgpa of 5.0 scale. This scholastic accomplishment afforded me the privilege of Murli T. Chellaram African scholarship tuition fee waiver. I have a keen interest in utilizing the best approach to teach chemistry abstract concepts and to induce mathematical prowess in students. On average, I taught 400 students in the past five years either as a private tutor or classroom teacher. Most of whom had the distinction of standardized exams- SAT and IGCSE.

Having grown up in the Yoruba cultural and traditional settings, I have a wealth of knowledge I would like to share concerning the syntax, grammar and communication ethics of the widely cherished language and its people. As it has been said, the world is a globalized village due to the ease of learning, teaching you to be proficient at speaking, reading and writing of Yoruba language would be worth the time!

I love meeting people from diverse races, colours and schools of thought. I enjoy travelling and I am eager to help meet the needs of maximum potential and visions.

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