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Jocelyn D. Jones

Early Childhood Education

I am affectionately known as the “Knowledge Giver”. I am the sage of early education. I reach, teach, educate, share, and empower professionals looking to create and improve transformative learning spheres. and impact the lives of future generations.

A Georgia Peach by way of Lithonia, GA, Jocelyn Dionne is the oldest of 3 siblings. Living the single life without biological children of her own, Jocelyn is an aunt of 5 nieces and 2 nephews whom she loves dearly. She is currently a longtime resident of Norcross, GA. The genesis of her passion to transform the lives of young children, families, and life learners began with her mother.

Jocelyn Dionne has taught and served on management in nonprofit and for-profit childcare settings and organizations for over 20 years. Jocelyn is a family childcare provider in Norcross, Ga. Jocelyn is very active in the Early Childhood Education professional field. Early Childhood Education and Sociology are two disciplines Jocelyn loves and has contributed to her career accomplishments. Jocelyn Dionne is an active member of Kappa Delta Pi National Honor Society in Education and a member of the Public Policy Committee for Kappa Delta Pi.

Jocelyn Dionne is a Georgia state approved trainer certified by Georgia Professional Development System for Early Childhood Educators a division of Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. Miss Jones is certified to teach professional development courses for early education teachers and professionals in childcare sectors and public schools.

Jocelyn Dionne specializes in teaching the Child Development Associate (CDA ) courses for a nationally and internationally recognized early education organization, National Council For Professional Recognition. Jocelyn Dionne has extensive experience as a Professional Development (PD) Specialist for the Council For Professional Recognition. Jocelyn Dionne designs, writes, and teaches early childhood professional development training.

Alongside, Jocelyn Dionne has presented for national and international audiences for massive and long running organizations such as HighScope, National Council For Professional Recognition, National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI), First Things First, Georgia Head Start, US Nanny Institute, RAINBOW Institute of Childcare Education, The Learning Project Network, and other media outlets.



National Black Child Development Institute

National Early Childhood Program Accreditation

National Afterschool Association


Walden University

Early Childhood Organization

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education

Kappa Delta Pi Public Policy Committee

Council For Professional Recognition (PD Specialist)

Advisory Board Member for Ashworth College ECE Department

Founder and Advisor of Young Educators Council National Family Child Care

Jocelyn D. Jones
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