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Dr. Ezomo Friday Ph.D

Calculus, Physics

I am a fifty-nine(59) years old energetic healthy professor that is real, honest, trustworthy, passionate, enthusiastic, inspiring and  creative with over thirty-eight(38) years’ experience in the operation of teaching Science/Physics, Applied-Maths, Maths, Arithmetics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistics to all grades of different kind of students of ages ten(10) years and above involving grades 6-12/K-12, AP, IB-----up to university doctoral degree level by virtue of my subject matter expert, excellent classroom management and talking ability to always produce excellent results.

I made learning of sciences and maths interesting and fun where I taught students to love and inspire about these subjects with 100% success feedback.

Dr. Ezomo Friday Ph.D
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