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Hey there, My name is Jaja Perkins and I will be teaching History!

This will be my first year teaching online and I’m so excited to get started!; I have been teaching in a multitude of ways for the past 5 years, I started and continue to coach volleyball competitively on a national level after I retired from my own decade long participation in the sport. I started teaching a year ago and have taught at over 10 k-12 schools all over Tallahassee. I am drawn to teaching History because I believe that in order to understand our present and future we must acknowledge our past, local, state and nationally! 


A little about me: I was born in Michigan and grew up all over Florida with my mother and brothers, I played volleyball in Orlando and Tampa and earned about 14 national titles over that time, in 2015 My family transitioned to a bus home and never looked back, I’m now a student studying journalism and psychology. I love to write, play volleyball and travel!

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