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I am Hina Noman, a married woman, I have a Master's in chemistry. 

I am from Pakistan, teaching is my favorite thing to do. I love to teach subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Science.

I have done master in chemistry and also B.sed with physics and chemistry and also did M.sed (science education) I have more than 6 years of teaching and tutoring experience. I am a highly committed and professional chemistry teacher who enjoys working with young children and guiding them into education.  I have a very calm and patient manner. I have excellent communication and listening skills,that can relate to young children.i have always been passionate about education as I am a very organized person by nature. I like to ensure that my classroom and my work area are ready before the students arrival and that my lessons are planned in advance following the curriculum. I like to make sure my students are engaged and interested in my classes so try to make them as interesting as informative as possible.i am a enthusiastic person I enjoy thinking for the betterment of people and situations and like to put every effort into my work.

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